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Мы ценим мнение наших клиентов о качестве услуг, которые предоставляем. Благодаря этим мнениям можем улучшить нашу работу, направить усилия к проблемным областям и считаться прежде всего с интересами клиентов. Будем благодарны Вам за любое мнение, положительное или отрицательное, о нашей работе. Можете отправлять его по адресу: Стара планина пропэртис, п.к. 23, 5000 гр. В. Търново или info@stara-planina.com. Ниже опубликованы мнения клиентов, которые пользовались услугами нашей фирмы и совершили сделку покупки или продажи недвижимости.


У нас остались самые лучшие впечатления от работы фирмы Стара Планина Прорертиес. С их помощью мы купили небольшой домик с землей в горном районе. Мы были приятно поражены четкостью работы этой фирмы в офорлении документов, дружественным открытым подходом к клиентам, готовностью пойти на встречу во всех вопросах, кот. возникали в процессе оформления покупки. Кроме того, нам была обеспечена консультация инженера и техника строителей, кот. помогли нам лучше разобраться с состоянием недвижимости, кот. мы собирались купить.

Мы получили четкие профессиональные ответы на все наши вопросы по покупке и содержанию недвижимости в Болгарии и реальныю помощь во всех в этих вопросах.

Э. и В. Ляховы, Израиль

Мы познакомились с Стара Планина в 2010 году. После долгих поисков подходящей для нас недвижимости случайно зашли в это агенство, оно находилось рядом с нашим отелем. В Стара Планина быстро нашли интересующий нас дом в предгорье Балкан, помогли с оформлением недвижимости. Мы оставили доверенность и окончательно сделку проводило агенство, так каком нам надо было возвращаться в Москву. Все прошло идеально четко и быстро. Сейчас Стара Планина по доверенности ведет дела нашей фирмы на которую офрмлен дом: оплачивает налоги, счета за свет, воду. Высылает необходимые документы для оформления ВИЗЫ. Никаких нареканий к агенству у нас нет. Люди работающие здесь специалисты своего дела, мы очень довольны,что обратились к ним. И в личном общении приветливые, владеют русским языком.

Н. и Е. Манякины, Москва

Since first contacting Stara Planina Properties, I have been impressed by how 'user-friendly' and informative their website is, and how helpful and professional their sales teams have been in Sofia and Varna ( I'm sure the same applies in Veliko Turnovo!) both during my visit and in subsequent correspondence. To provide an e-mailed Newsletter on a monthly basis is a valued feature. I look forward to continuing to work with SPP closely during an exciting, challenging, refurbishment project and beyond.

Mr P. S.

Our first contact with Stara Planinia Properties was in 2001 shortly after the Veliko Turnovo office first opened. We subsequently purchased a property near Dryanovo.Buying the house was a painless and well explained process with staff providing invaluable advice and guidance throughout.They were particularily helpful as we wanted to be in the Dryanovo area which was not then an area in which there was much interest but they rose to the challenge.

I would personally recommend Sara Planina as the longest established Property agents with a well deserved and well earned reputation. Over recent years we have come across a number of British individuals who we have pointed in Stara Planina Properies direction - their experiences with some of the other companies was clearly less than ideal. What I also feel is important is that whether your budget is modest - like ours - or big you get the same service and attention to detail. Buying a property in Bulgaria is the same as at home - you need to make a judgement about who you can trust. Thats why I would recommend them.

Jonathan Carruthers and Tina Clayton
Grimsby and Chukovo

Stara-Planina and the Staff from the Sofia office guided me through the purchase of a large plot of land in a Ski area. At all time I felt that I was in the safest of hands and everything was explained to me at all stages of the transaction. I am now planning to develop the site and have asked Stara-Planina to guide me through this process as well. I have found Stara-Planina to be honest, supportive, friendly, flexible and having a strong desire to ensure that your purchase will be exactly what you want. I have recommended 3 friends to use the services of Stara-Planina, I would not do this if I felt uncertain of their abilities. All I can say is Thank you to the Sofia office for making my purchase a really fun and stress free experience.

Douglas Ross

Could we just say a big thanks to all the team at "Stara Planina" in Sofia. They have made the process of buying our house in “Elishnitsa” very un-complicated and have given us peace of mind being back here in the UK, that everything has been done as to the contract. We have had regular photos and progress reports right through the whole process.
We purchased the house in July 2005 and it was ready to move in to by February 2006.

Well done to you all.

Steven Booth

We were quite excited about the prospect of investing in Bulgaria as we had heard it was 'the next big thing' from a couple of sources in the UK. Our investments in the UK had hit the peak and it was time to look elsewhere. The daunting part was how to go about it - we didn't even know where Bulgaria was, let alone speaking the language or knowing anything about the property market.

As the TV programme makers had used Stara Planina Properties we decided it would be a good starting point talking to them. We are glad we did. Their local knowledge of the market, along with their contacts and their dedication to getting the job done proved second-to-none.

We have now become quite active in the Bulgarian property market and leave nearly everything in the hands of Stara Planina. They do give us peace of mind - there have been properties that they have guided us to 'pull out' of because their lawyers had uncovered problems with the title or with the sale. Everything is clear, translated well and handled professionally and I would recommend them to you.

My only criticism was that at our first meeting I had asked for testimonials from other UK buyers with a knowledge of Stara Planina. None appeared - it was early days for the Sofia office - so hopefully by writing this now it will provide some useful feedback for other investors!

Our own investments are in the ski areas of Bansko and Pamporovo. Our UK business is based in Cornwall and Devon - please feel free to contact us if there are any questions you may wish to ask.

Glen Corcoran

As soon as I walked into the offices of Stara Planina Properties, I felt that I’d come to the right place. In all my dealings with them since, in both sales and management, that feeling of integrity and professionalism has only been reinforced. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Mr. C. Baker (UK)

My wife and I arrived in Bulgaria on 3rd September and left on the 14th. During that time the Rousse office of Stara Planina Properties arranged viewings for all the properties we were interested in. Having decided on our house, things were concluded with amazing efficiency and speed. The staff at Rousse were unfailingly helpful, cheerful and positive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stara Planina Properties to anyone.

Kind regards,
Mr Bill Bryce

I would highly recommend Stara Planina Properties, the service from start to finish was 1st class, with your individual needs acknowledged and taken on board. It was refreshing to be treated as an individual client, not herded around and pressurized on an organized viewing trip.

Mrs J. Stafford

A first class company from the start of the viewing to the completion of the property transaction. Everything is explained and written down with no hidden costs at the end, and I have no hesitation in recommending Stara Planina Properties as your one-stop-shop for property buying in Bulgaria.

Telford (UK) and Veliko Tarnovo (BG)

I would like to comment on the wonderful service I received in Rousse recently. Well, not quite recently it was round about May 2005 and I have since bought a property but the warmth and support of the Rousse team made a lasting impression.
Visiting Rousse was a fantastic experience made so by Irena, Geri and the dashing George. They all worked very hard to ensure I got the right property - especially because I left myself just a weekend to do it in. In any case, the property was no longer the focus - we had an amazing time with lovely dinners, lots of banter, and I met so many local people. I generally felt that I was amongst friends and was probably more relaxed myself than I have been for years - nothing to do with the Rakia (Bulgarian vodka-like drink) - but rather the beauty and charm of Rousse and its people.
I can't recommend Stara-Planina at Rousse highly enough and look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

It was quite an impulsive move on my part. I had read earlier in the magazine "A Place in the Sun" about properties in Bulgaria and it was interesting to see that most of them were offered by Stara Planina Properties.
Eventually I visited the web site and was surprised to see a huge range of properties. I found a lovely cottage which belonged to an artist and was ready to buy "sight unseen". At such a low price I couldn't go wrong.

I listened to my wife.

Best Wishes,
Dr D.Odelola
Manchester, UK

We arrived in Veliko Turnovo and were not quite sure where to start househunting and were recommended Stara Planina by the very helpful owner of our hotel. We were impressed immediately by the professional approach by the owner and his staff. We gave them our remit. They explained fully their fee structure and then we started viewing. We purchased the first property on the second day of viewing and another just 4 days later prior to leaving. We are more than delighted with our properties, the buying experience and after sales service. Both sales went through without a hitch with no hidden costs. Stara Planina delivered exactly what they said they would.

Joyce & Peter McGlone

Being total foreign property virgins we decided to explore the possibilities of buying in Bulgaria after carefully considering but dismissing France, Italy, and Spain. The main reason for Bulgaria was the value for money in the properties on offer.

We contacted Stara Planina because of their involvement in English television and because it was English run. Stara arranged all travel and hotel bookings, very efficiently and on the first visit we explored the country, except for the coast, which is of no interest to us. We also viewed properties to get an idea of what is available, again all done through Stara with no pressure to buy.

We decided we wanted to purchase in the Veliko Tarnova region and returned about 2 months later and bought in a village close to Veliko. We probably viewed about 30 properties before buying but at no time were we pressured into buying. Stara completed all the legal arrangements, efficiently and painlessly.

After buying we authorised Bulgarian Property Management to act as project managers for the restoration. All has gone as smoothly as any building project, some unexpected costs but nothing has been done without our agreement being provided with full costings and photographs as the works proceeded.

The standard of building work has been very high, particularly the carpentry on replacing windows to the original design and should you wish to view the renovation work to reassure yourselves I have no objection to your visiting the site with BPM.

The Bulgarian people are lovely, intelligent, hardworking and helpful as are all Stara staff.

Anna & Robin Pike,

I would have no hesitation in recommending Stara-Planina Properties to anyone who was looking to buy property in Bulgaria. From the moment I walked into their office in Veliko Turnavo I was impressed. The service was great and even though I only had a short time available to me and made my decision fairly late the day before a public holiday, they got all the necessary forms completed in time so that I could carry on with the buying process when I returned home.
All in all excellent.

Andy Roberts

Stara Planina was the first agent we saw in Veliko Tarnovo and from the first moment we dealt with them till the completion of our purchase they were utterly professional, helpful, friendly and fun to deal with. We did see other agents in town and they were fine, no complaints, it's just that Stara have an edge. That edge is their staff team. From the moment you walk in to the office, to the viewings with the amazing Nickolai who could not have been more helpful or pleasant, and throughout the service they offer, holding our hands as we dealt with banks, notaries, the KAT office etc etc and even now after we have bought the property they are there for us, the best staff team in VT!

I cannot recommend them highly enough, if only estate agents in the UK were like this.

Warren and Silvi, Hotnitsa

Veliko Tarnovo Municipality, Bulgaria


We would like to say a big thankyou to the staff at Stara Planina for all their hard work in ensuring our recent property purchase went smoothly and completely stress free. The staff at the Veliko Tarnovo branch were friendly, efficient and extremely knowledgeable and nothing was too much trouble. They kept us informed every step of the way during our property purchase. We cannot recommend Stara Planina highly enough to anyone considering buying a property in Bulgaria. We were completely at ease during the whole process. Thank you.

Julie Gill and Christopher Trigg



We are not usually people to review the service we have received but then rarely have we received such outstanding service. From the moment we contacted the Rousse office and were taken under the wing of Monica Jivkova we knew we were dealing with a very professional set up. Monica has been faultless and has taken care of everything on our behalf. The process has been totally stress free (from our point of view anyway!). We thoroughly recommend Stara Planina and especially Monica and her team in Rousse.

Pete Langley



I recently bought a property from Stara Planina. I must say the service I  received was outstanding, in particular Nicolai has exceeded my expectations,  without his help, patience and understanding I wouldn't be here today. I did  find other estate agents bordering on the pushy side and didn't do much to make  me feel comfortable and at ease as Stara Planina staff did. After many trips  to different locations, back and forth, again and again, they found me the house I wanted. Very pleased and would strongly recommend Stara Planina to anyone who  wants to buy in Bulgaria. Thank you very much to everyone at Stara Planina.

Valerio Monti Arduini, London


Just a quick word to say thank you very much to everyone at the Veliko Turnovo office of Stara Planina Properties for arranging everything for my house purchase near the village of Miykovtsi. Ever since my first visit to Bulgaria, Stara Planina have provided me with a wide range of excellent services and knowledgeable advice, from the initial house viewings to the current well organised renovation work. Also, many thanks to the neighbours for being such a great help with everything, and for providing such good hospitality during my stay!



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