Paying Utility Bills and Taxes Online

Paying Utility Bills and Taxes Online

Although paying utility bills is a straightforward thing to do it can be very time consuming. In cases when you live away from your property during most of the year it would be also difficult to monitor and you may need to engage someone to help with this.

There are alternatives which help to save time and hassle. Most banks offer direct debit service to pay utility bills however in most cases you receive the information about the payments made some time after it has been completed and have to have online banking to check the balance in your account.

Instead you could easily pay for various services through the electronic payments system ePay. The site which has also English language version is user-friendly and offers variety of services.

To make payments through you need to have a Bulgarian debit or credit card and to register your card for payments within ePay. Please note that you will have to complete the initial process of registration whilst you are in Bulgaria as you will need to confirm through a local ATM machine.

The first step is to obtain a debit or credit card from a local bank. On the home page of ePay you will find a link to a list of banks which cards are valid for payment on

Next you have to create your account within the ePay system which is free of charge. This is easy to complete as you will be guided by the system with instructions for each step.

Once you create your account you can enter the details of your bank card. For security reasons you will be asked to confirm your desire to pay online through an ATM machine. For this purpose you will receive a message with details of the procedure which will contain security code valid for limited time. Then you just need to go to an ATM machine with the card you have registered on ePay and enter your code.

After you confirm through the ATM you have the option to set a list of utility bills you will pay online. There is a long list of utility companies and other merchants registered with ePay. A link to the list can be found on the home page. For each utility bill you will have to choose the supplier and then enter your customer number. All electrical, telephone and gas bills plus most water, heating, internet and cable operator bills can be paid through ePay. For each utility service you can request from the system to send you an email alert when a new bill is received in your account. Alternatively you can just log-in once a month and order the outstanding bills to be paid. The system keeps record of each payment which you can print out at any time. In addition it is easy to pay taxes or transfer money to any Bulgarian bank account from your card.

For each payment of utility bills you will be charges as for withdrawing money from your debit/credit card through an ATM (typically 0,20-0,50 levs). If you make payments to bank accounts you will be charged by the bank which issued the card with same rate as for a normal money transfer.

You have to remember that the ePay system will not pay your bills automatically but you would need to confirm that the payments should be made. In addition you should check the balance of your card account and transfer sufficient money to cover your bills.

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