English-language TV in Bulgaria

British TV
Due to the licensing arrangements between Sky TV and the various
broadcasting companies, Sky TV can only officially be subscribed to by residents of the UK and the ROI. This means that you cannot directly apply for a box and subscription from Sky for use in Bulgaria. What you can do however is take an existing Box and subscription package from the UK/ROI to Bulgaria and have it installed locally. You will need to use a dish of at least 1.5 meters. If the box you have been using was attached to the telephone line then the box will not work since Sky will be able to detect that you have stopped using the service locally (UK). An alternative solution is to use the services of companies that can supply you with a Sky Box and subscription that can be used overseas. These companies offer the same service as Sky but at a higher cost. Please note that not all of the channels are available in Bulgaria due to the weaker signal.

In addition there are a number of internet websites/services that you can use to give you UK TV such as Film On TV. If you are able to use a proxy VPN you can access UK TV through the iplayer services of BBC, ITV and so forth.

Terrestrial TV (through the aerial)

The 3 main national channels BTV, BNT1 and Nova TV are all available free using your TV aerial. The reception is not great and the content is mainly in Bulgarian although some films are aired in English. This year you will be able to access more digital channels through the internal tuner of your TV (only recent models).

Bulgarian Cable and Satellite Services

Most people opt to watch TV in Bulgaria using one of these options. Cable comes into the property, as the name implies, through a cable but is not widely available outside urban areas. Satellite is available in almost every location. The content they air is broadly similar however the cable channels tend to be mainly aired in Bulgarian whilst the satellite channels are often aired in English. The content of both is extensive including knowledge based programming (ie Discovery), films and the excellent Diema sports channels which air many Premiership games (in Bulgarian). The costs of both cable and satellite are low (in comparison to the UK) with monthly subscriptions averaging at 20 BGN. Picture quality on the cable broadcasts is generally lower but tends to suffer less from adverse weather conditions that can effect satellite reception.

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