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Small Group Homes for Children Leaving Institutional Care in Stara Zagora

Small Group Homes for Children Leaving Institutional Care in Stara Zagora

It has been exactly 5 years since 7/12/2007 when we published our first article about the small group homes in the city of Stara Zagora, which had been developed by ARK Bulgaria foundation with the help of Stara Planina Properties Sofia office.

Read more about the project of ARK Bulgaria Small Group Homes for Children Leaving Institutional Care and contribution of our clients for the kids in the homes in Stara Zagora in 2007.

The foundation supported the local government in this project for the first two years and recently Stara Zagora municipality is running the homes and providing for the needs of the children. Some of the first occupants already have new families and others still live there. They all have grown and developed much since they moved from the old state institution “Nadejda”.

Now a total of 38 children at the age of 6 to 12 years live in the five small group homes in Stara Zagora (there is one child aged 3). They need clothes, shoes, toys, early learning centre games and elementary English books, drawing materials and computers (even old ones).

If any of you, our readers, is interested to help by donating any of the above, you can contact our Sofia office at or the Small Group Homes Support Centre at You can also send any contribution to Small Group Homes Support Centre: 8 General Stoletov, Street Stara Zagora 6000

We sincerely thank anyone who would like to help.

Contribution to ARK Bulgaria SGH Project

Contribution to ARK Bulgaria SGH Project

This post was originally published in Stara Planina Properties newsletter on 14th March 2008.

In our December 2007 newsletter we informed you about ARK’s Small Group Homes project aiming at creating homes for kinds from an institution in the Bulgarian city of Stara Zagora. Following the receipt of the newsletter several of our readers have immediately contacted ARK Bulgaria to offer their help.

Our clients Steve & Tina Barrett have contributed a lot to the cause by purchasing toys worth over 2,000 pounds and driving from the UK to Bulgaria to bring them to the kids in Stara Zagora. Steve & Tina visited one of the homes in February and below are their impressions.

“When we saw the kids we were amazed at how relaxed they were, how friendly and well behaved they were too. Despite the obvious language barrier, they managed to communicate with us and they were so polite. Obviously, we have only a perception of what they have been through in their short lives so far, but the benefits of the comfortable, safe and pleasant environment have clearly made their mark and the work that ARK is doing is incredible. Add to that the life education and guidance that is clearly working so well and it all looks like a great set up.

What was really encouraging was to hear that the issues are being tackled at government level and that once the local support network has been “trained” by example, ARK will be able to hand control back to the locals with such an excellent model to follow.”

Both ARK Bulgaria and Stara Planina Properties are grateful to Mr & Mrs Barrett and all other people who showed interest and helped within their means.

ARK Bulgaria – Small Group Homes for Children Leaving Institutional Care

ARK Bulgaria – Small Group Homes for Children Leaving Institutional Care

This post was originally published in Stara Planina Properties newsletter on 7th December 2007.

Some of you may have watched the recent BBC broadcast concerning Bulgarian orphanages. It was a very negative portrayal of the plight of the kids living in one of these institutions. Bulgaria has an extremely poor legacy from the communist times when all the homeless kids had to be hidden not to disturb the perception of the “ideal” society. Nowadays the Bulgarian society does not accept the situation with the kids in the state institutions and there are many positive examples however the knowledge and experience how to bring the kids back to the community had to be brought to Bulgaria from other European countries which have had more positive experience dealing with such problems.

ARK is a UK charity, committed to transforming the lives of these children by providing them with better care, wherever possible based in families. ARK Bulgaria is developing foster care and adoption services and wherever possible supporting parents to take their children back home. Laura Partker, Managing Director of ARK Bulgaria, explained more about one of their projects in the Bulgarian city of Stara Zagora.

“Throughout Bulgaria, several thousand children live in institutions – often called ‘orphanages’, although only 2% of the children in these homes have no parents. These children are often very isolated, going to school as well as living in the institutions with little chance to socialise with others. The care which they receive does not allow them to develop fully and the emotional, intellectual and physical developmental damage which the children experience is often irreversible.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to find family placements for all of the children. For those who have nowhere else to go, ARK is developing small-scale, high quality children’s homes. In these ‘Small Group Homes’, 8 children will live with teams of dedicated, trained carers.

ARK is piloting this new approach for the first time in Bulgaria in Stara Zagora where 5 Small Group Homes are currently being finalised. Working with ‘Stara Planina Properties’, ARK has financed the refurbishment of two properties provided by the Municipality, built one home on Municipal land and purchased two apartments.

The first of the Small Group Homes opened in September 2007; the last one will open at the end of December. A total of 40 children will leave the institution Nadejda to live in these new homes – and to enjoy a quality of care and individual attention which will radically improve their long-term life chances.

After only a few weeks we have already seen dramatic differences in the behaviour of the children who moved into the new homes in September. Their physical appearance has also started to change: all of the children are putting on weight and one little girl who suffers from alopecia now has hair growing. The children are thriving, loving going to school in the community and enjoying having their own home and possessions – in many cases, for the first time in their lives.”

Eva Ward, an expert involved in the creation of the model being applied in Stara Zagora, have assessed the needs of the kids for toys.

“It has been difficult to be able to buy enough for the five homes from our budget. Our children have never actually had any proper toys before and we are desperate to give them the opportunity of some good quality play materials. I took a plastic tea set and a simple road track and cars to each of the three established Small Group Homes recently and could not believe the excitement and pleasure the children got from them.

The children are aged between 3 and 7 but many have developmental delay and need the kind of toys normally enjoyed by younger children – this will also help us to work with development issues. These are some ideas -

Cuddly soft toys – we would like each child to have a good quality teddy or other animal soft toy to keep on their beds and to cuddle at bedtime. This would be their very own and they would keep it forever! There would need to be 8 different types to ensure that there are not two the same in each home – so no confusion or fights! The children have never had anything of their own before.

Baby dolls – we would like one for each Small Group Homes – again quite a big one so it is like a real baby. We do lots of ‘playing families’ with the children which is very much ‘learning through play’ as of course our children have no idea about families or caring for babies. There are quite nice ones that come in a set with baby bottles and various extras! A dolls pram or pushchair for the above baby!

Strong plastic trucks and cars - the children are quite heavy handed with toys due to their lack of experience and so toys need to be as robust as possible.

Lego or other building/construction toys – I know lego is very expensive but it is such good value for co-ordination and concentration. We will try to accumulate collections for each Small Group Homes over time.

Educational toys – I’ve seen sets of matching cards (classic pairs games) and numbers games etc here now. Anything in this category is always welcome.

If by any chance you are in the UK and wish to buy from there absolutely anything from the Early Learning Centre would be fantastic!”

Each home is fully equipped but there are items which would be good to have in addition to what has been provided by the foundation. These are kitchen robots (one costing about 80 levs), toasters (40 levs), kettles (35 levs) for each home and one camera for all the kids so that they have pictures of their birthdays, Christmas parties, first school days and other event arranged in their own albums.

The team of Stara Planina Properties’ Sofia office were touched by the kids and bought winter jackets for all of them. We will also contribute to purchase some toys and other necessary items but the kids grow and always need support – new toys, clothes, shoes. So if any of you, our clients, wish to contribute we will be able to help with the logistics.